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Mamuka Mikeladze's colourful visions capture the imagination of the viewer. The rich nature, very modest, aristocratic personality is felt through these paintings. They are full of spiritual depth, perfect composition and combination of colours, sincere and lively characters.

The world of the artist is very warm and attractive. Birds and animals, mythological and real characters can be found there. He has his individual perception of the universe that is skilfully confined in his own dimension.

The art of the Georgian painter is based on good will and harmony. The concern about disharmony and inhumanity of the world is the source of constant inspiration for the artist. Mamuka Mikeladze's personality is full of energy, power and passion. The deep thought and wide outlook of the artist is carried out in his creations, so his art can be easily called "art for life." The information that the artist gets from mythology, the Bible or every day reality becomes the spiritual instrument in his mind, the material for mental observation. This fact enables our mind and soul to share the achievements of his art.

Though modest by nature he is very daring in his creations.. His rhythmical fantasies and discoveries can be regarded as the image of freedom. Due to deformation, generalisation, expressiveness and original combination of characters the paintings bear the slight hint of unreality. The principle of the artist is abundance of symbols, stylistic diversity - polystylistics (not eclecticism), which characterises the artist as a neoexpressionist and the representative of the new figuration. He fills the surface and the texture with new peculiar images. The manner of performance makes his works dynamic, empowers them with lively colour range, enriches with impressive lights and delicate details. He can be called the magician of the material and master of the colour. The first layer of his paintings does not function only as a primer, it is as active as every stroke, as eloquent and impressive es every spot and detail of the picture. The main virtue of the artist is that he always leaves a deep impression in one's mind. You can never get tired of this art. Seeing these paintings you constantly seek for dialogue because it gives you strong and positive energy. These works take all your worries and sorrows and you can't help being attracted to the world created by the artist.

It is difficult to say that Mamuka Mikeladze belongs to a certain trend. You can't associate his art with any style. He is absolutely unique. He does not follow the way once chosen. There is the renovation and discovery in every picture, search for different accents of colour. His mind is never imprisoned in dogmatic space; he is constantly looking for individual means of expressiveness. The diverse and colourful creations are the result of greatly productive work.

Mamuka Mikeladze is never content, he is never satisfied, his art is always full of unpredictable surprise as he believes that the artist can never attain permanent contentment. You have to strive and win every day.

George Laliashvili
Art Expert

"The first thing that catches the visitors' attention is the spiritual depth and colourful palette of the works. The shape and composition, rich and vivid characters are also very impressive and emphasize the great talent and uniqueness of the artist. (Mariana 0`Klei, arts expert).

The reporter of the newspaper "Vecherni Tbilsi" entitled his letter as "The Kind World of the Artist". "The kind world of the artist was drawn before my eyes" - writes I. Zaridze." I saw mostly expressive and colourful portraits indicating the whole depth of the human soul" (Vecherni Tbilisi, 1986).

"Ikarus rose above Worpswede" - that is the title of the letter from the newspaper "Svobodnaia Gruzia".. "Ikarus is the hero of Mamuka Mikeladze`s painting "Dedalus and Ikarus" who rose with his creator above Olympus of Worpswede".( "Svobodnaia Gruzia", 1997)

"The paintings are lively. Historical and mythological characters arouse realistic feelings. The great philosophy, wisdom and a bit of sadness can be seen through these pictures. The colourful works are full of inner light and poetical inspiration." (Dr. Helmut Stelljes, photographer, arts expert)

"The artistic colourful world of the master is full of beauty and mystery." (The former Minister of Culture of Georgia, H.E. Sesily Gogiberidze.)

The daily newspaper 'Saqartvelos Respublica" emphasized the importance of the exhibition of 13 Georgian artists organized at "Le Musee d'art Haitien", Port-au-Prince, Haiti under courtesy of the German ambassador to Haiti Gunter Dalhof and his wife Olia Topuridze. The owner of the whole collection became the famous patron and collector of art Jozeph Isa, whose collection also includes such masterpieces as Salvador Dali, Chagall and Picasso.

The weekly newspaper "Argo" compares Mamuka Mikeladze`s exhibition in Worpswede, Germany, arranged in 1997, to the mysterious garden and writes that the Germans called Mamuka Mikeladze an ambassador of the history of Georgian culture, because seeing his first solo exhibit at the Gallery Bernack in Worpswede almost all the visitors were eager to find out as more as possible about the history of Georgian culture. ("Argo", 2000)

"Mamuka Mikeladze`s favourite characters are poetic, heroic subjects of ancient Georgia. 'King David on Horseback with Lion and Fawn'is the most charming. The artist paints both the king and the animals as gold- decorated flat shapes. The king looks beseechingly at the viewer. The blues and greens are brilliant. (The Washington Times, 2003).

"The victory -every day, in every picture" - is the title of the article given in the newspaper "Saqartvelos Respublika," 12. 10 2003." Among the guests attending the vernissage at "La Piccola Galleria" Bolzano, Italy were the ambassador of the Order of Malta Dr. Manfred Girtler, the President of the Association "South Tyrol for Georgia", Christian Pircher, Georgian ambassador to Italy, H.E. Rusudan Lortkipanidze, Bolzano Vice - Mayor Elmar Pichler-Rolle, Bolzano Town Hall Culture Attache Sandro Repetto. They spoke about the unique style and refined taste of the artist that captures the imagination of the audience. The exhibition was organized under courtesy of H.E. the Ambassodor of the Order of Malta Dr. Manfred Girtler.

"These works take all your worries and sorrows away and you can`t help being attracted to the world created by the artist" (Giorgi Laliashvili, arts expert).

"Bright Colours, delicate and refined characters, very graceful and professional formation of the space of a painting are the artist's true characteristics. Such grace, style, elegance, slight movement, unique balance of colours and themes can only be a creation of a true gentleman and a superb artist. His paintings are like soft music." (Moscow Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1991).

One can also find information about Mamuka Mikeladze's works in "Wumme Zeitung", 1997 and "Bremen Zeitung", 1997, Bremen, Germany; "Alles", 1998, Vienna, Austria; "Vienna Total", 1999, Vienna, Austria; magazine "CD- Cercle Diploma", 2000, Vienna, Austria, "Wumme Zeitung", 2000, Bremen, Germany. "Dolomiten, 2003", Vivibolzano", 2003, Bolzano, Italy; "The Washington Times, 2003."

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