Mamuka Mikeladze was born on February 26, 1959 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He started to study arts at J.Nikoladze Art School (1973-1977). In 1977 Mikeladze entered Department for Painting and Restoration of Wall-Painting of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, which he graduated from in 1983. Meanwhile he worked on the restoration of frescoes of ancient Georgian cultural monuments (1977-1983) and this experience greatly influenced his future career. In 1985-1986 Mamuka Mikeladze worked as a film designer at Film Studio "Kartuli Filmi" and in 1976-1995 - as a restorer at the Main Department of Monument Protection.

In 1998 the artist was awarded KulturKontact scholarship, Vienna, Austria.

In 2000 under the auspices of Expo 2000 Mikeladze was leading the action of German artists in Bremen, Worpswede "Creation of Monumental Canvas" (30x8).

In 2000 Mamuka Mikeladze designed a book "Osterreichische Erzahlungen Des 20 Jahrhunderts"

In 2001 the artist was granted a Bogliasco Fellowship in Visual Arts (Genoa, Italy).

He also works on icons and is the author of the wall-painting of seven new built churches in Tbilisi and other provinces of Georgia.

In 2003, Mikeladze worked on the wall painting of chapel in Vipiteno, Italy.

In 2004, the artist was awarded the Diploma of Honour of Catholicos - Patriarch of all Georgia

Now he is performing the wall painting of the Central Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Tbilisi, Georgia.

At present Mamuka Mikeladze is a professor at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He is married and has two daughters - Maya and Anna.


1984               State Gallery of Arts. Republican Spring Exhibition. Tbilisi, Georgia
1986               State Publishing House "Merani" Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia (Solo Exhibit)
1989               Ullsteinhouse, Exhibition of Georgian Artists. West Berlin, Germany
1991               Moscow Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1992               Kniga Printshop, Art Gallery, Moscow
1992               Sovincentr, Exhibition of Russian and Georgian Artists, Moscow
1993               Central House of Architect, Moscow (Solo Exhibit)
1995               13 Artists Georgiens. Le Musee d'art Haitien du College Saint Plerre
1995               Isole di Brissago, Switzerland
1997               Gallery Bernack (Worpswede), Bremen, Germany (Solo Exhibit)
1998               National Art Gallery, Christmas Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia
1998               TMS Gallery
1998               Creative Gallery Schauer, Vienna, Austria (Solo Exhibit)
1999               Maison des Professiones Libertes, Montpellier, France
2000               Gallery Bernack (Worpswede), Bremen, Germany (with Ernst Fuchs)
2000               TMS Gallery (Solo Exhibit)
2001               Gallery "Universe", Tbilisi, Georgia (Solo Exhibit)
2003               Art et Actualite Gallery Voyage en Caucase, Paris
2003               Festival of Georgian Culture in the Russian Federation, Moscow
2003               Fondo Del Sol, Washington D.C.
2003               La Piccola Galleria,Bolzano, Italy. (Solo Exhibit)
2004               "The Winds of Caucasus", Baku, Azerbaijan
2004               Shakespeare Days in Georgia
2005               CHA - 2005 "Habitat" Moscow International Art Salon

UN office in Georgia
Georgian Embassy in Greece
Elite Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
Harvard University Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, USA
Fondo del Sol, Visual Art Center, Washington D.C.
Kunstcentrum Alte Molkerei, Gallery Bernack, Bremen (Worpswede)
Moscow Gallery
Hotel Marriott, Tbilisi, Georgia
Collection of Norton Dodge, art collector, USA
Collection of Gretchen Dumas, artist, San Francisco, USA
Collection of Jozeph Isa, art collector, Haiti
Collection of Alfred Kornfeld, London, UK
Collection of Antonius Wenocur, art collector, Netherlands
Collection of Gail Lapidus, Professor, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA
Collection of Stavros Dimas, former MP of Greece
Collection of H. E. the Ambassador of Canada to the OSCE Evelyn Puxley
Collection of H. E. Heide Maria Gurer, Austrian ambassador to the South Caucasus States, Vienna, Austria
Collection of Eva Berger, Honorary Consul of Austria to Georgia
Collection of Leopold Bausbek, Vienna, Austria
Collection of Gunter Demin, writer, arts expert, Bremen, Germany
Collection of Elizabeth Harasch, writer, Vienna, Austria
Collection of Sergei N. Modin, senior counsellor, Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to OSCE, Vienna, Austria
Collection of Irmtraud Heuss, President of Theodore Heuss GMBH, Bremen, Germany
Collection of Dr. Manfred Girtler, the Ambassador of the Order of Malta, Vipiteno, Italy
Collection of Elmar Pichler-Rolle, Bolzano vice-mayor, Bolzano, Italy

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